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Sunsetting rays like healing energy work, reflecting on still water, Virgin Islands

Our Services

     Sai Aum Creations is dedicated to healing others and helping them to get in touch with the truth of their soul, to recognize their true potential as a being of light. Specializing in Sai Shakti Healing Creation Channels, Vasi provides a safe space that allows you to connect to the transformative power of Divine Mother's Holy Womb & experience the Love & Peace you have been longing for.

     Before booking any service, a preliminary consultation will take place, either over the phone, Zoom or in person.  This assessment helps her determine what service will benefit you the most.  To go straight to our booking consultation form, click here.


Fire Pujas assist in releasing negativity and bringing an incoming flow of blessings & harmony.

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Mantra Meditation is for anyone seeking peace within. Seed Sounds of Creation set the vibration.

Peace rose

Peace Circles are an initiation of Divine Mother’s healing energy through The Peace Statue to deliver healing of suffering & fear and to deliver the Truth of The Mother’s Womb Power. Many intentions have been built into this healing system, most notably for all involved to be able to feel/experience Divine Mother’s Presence, feel the vibrations of Love, Truth, Peace, Womb Power, and to know our Dharma. Peace Circles are experienced not only in meditation but in our everyday lives as well, meaning that the energy we receive in Peace Circles continues to work with our soul even after the session. Mother’s vibrations flow within and through us for continued healing in between the meditations. As a healing system, it is a living meditation that utilizes these vibrational qualities to bring release of illusion & negativity within ourselves, to others, to the world. Her divine vibration ripples throughout Creation, reaching everywhere to impress the mass consciousness. Peace Circles are the platform for every soul to receive the Truth they have been longing for, to realize the Truth of their soul.

Healing hands in water

Water healings are most helpful for those who have experienced trauma or crisis or who have addictions and who would like to wash out stuck energy patterns without having to relive them. Water healings get to the root of the issue and help one experience the renewing power of water by….

Couple and Energy Worker/Healer discussing Vaastu

Live life in accordance with the laws of nature & benefit physically, financially, spiritually.

Mother and baby rainbows blessed in paradise

The Divine Baby Blessing is an energy transmission a mother-to-be can receive for her baby’s soul. The Divine Baby Blessing is a single energy transmission a mother-to-be can receive for her baby’s soul while it is in her womb. The Divine Baby Blessing is given in one short energy transmission (shaktipat) during any stage of pregnancy by a Sai Shakti healer. This blessing empowers the mother’s Womb Chakra, awakening divine energy within her, and works through her to develop her baby’s soul. After receiving the Divine Baby Blessing she does not need to use any of the other prayers or tools unless she wants to. Any practices she does in addition to receiving this energy transmission will further empower and develop the brilliant light of her baby’s soul. Daddies-to-be and siblings are welcome to join this beautiful process to receive a special family blessing with her! Any prayer a mother does during pregnancy powerfully blesses her child’s soul. This is because of the special soul-to-soul relationship they share through the holy Womb Chakra. As well there are specific Vedic mantras a mother can use during her pregnancy to assist in developing the child’s soul. A mother can pray for what she would like her baby to have during the child's life, and the beautiful, divine qualities she would like them to possess. If she heartfully prays for what she wants for her baby at least 5-9 times right before she delivers, it has an extraordinary effect on the life of the child.

Soul Sun rays behind a cloud over water

Soul Coaching is a private consultation to assist one in clearing old thought patterns & habits that may be perpetuating negativity in one's life. These sessions help one to learn about life as a reflection of the soul's energy while sharing practical tools to implement for positive changes and assist in shifting one's perspective. Three sessions recommended. $108 for 1 hr plus 1 x 20 min. follow-up

Home & property with kite blowing in the wind

Property & house clearing is sometimes necessary when other energies are perceived to be present, when there is a change to the usual flow in one’s home or property. There are specific mantras in the Sai Shakti Channels which are used to clear unwanted negativity. This is best done as a distance meditation.

Sunset healing rays over water and appreciative being

Sai Shakti Healings are given to bring cosmic energy to the soul through a few key chakras of our body.

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