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Healer Lord Ganesh Energy Work Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation Classes

     Meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind, connect with divine energies, and raise the soul vibration.  The mantras we use come from the Palm Leaf Manuscripts in India, sacred writings of the rishis & seers from thousands of years ago, as revealed by Divine Mother Herself.  She has shared mantras (prayers) and Yantras (sacred soul diagrams) for the purpose of showing our souls the Truth of this Creation.  


     In our Divine Lineage, Sri Kaleshwar has personally used each mantra and subsequently given us those which have the greatest potential for change – what he calls going on the “fast track”.  He feels it is not necessary to meditate for lifetimes when the result can be achieved in a shorter time. 


     Even though He has taken Samadhi (passed on), His soul continues to assist all who dedicate themselves to learning & implementing these channels.   He personally guides each soul who chooses to follow these Cosmic Channels.  Each mantra is a potent soul formula which He has blessed and has its own Intention.


Attention Without Tension


     Mantra meditation is best done in a quiet space without distractions sitting up straight to keep the spine in a vertical line for the incoming energy to flow properly through our chakra system.  While initially focusing on the breath, one’s breathing should become slow & gentle.  In meditation, we put attention on the mantra without ‘trying’ to do this . . . when the mind wanders, as it will, do not get upset, keep calm within and just return to chanting the mantra. With each meditation, an Intention is used to direct the flow of energy.


     A good amount of time to meditate is between twenty & thirty minutes. At this time interval, the brain has reached a certain level of brain wave activity which induces deep relaxation for the body & mind.  As it is, many mantras are written in either Sanskrit or Telugu, so the mind doesn’t even know the meaning . . .this is alright because the purpose of mantra is to awaken & nourish the soul! 


     Consistent meditation brings a host of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual benefits including lowering heart rate, releasing undue stress, calming the mind and raising the soul capacity.  When done properly, it teaches us to see life through a different lens, to release what does not serve our highest good, and to experience divine power within ourselves.

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