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I  have been an energywork therapist for over 30 years, previously studying Reiki, Magnified Healing, Acupressure, Crystal Healing & Chakra Rebalancing.  My love for practicing energywork intensified when i began studying the knowledge from the Palm Leaf Manuscripts, experiencing the effects of mantra meditation and learning the Sai Shakti Healing techniques as shared by Sri Sai Kaleshwar. I am now a meditation teacher, holisitic life coach, and soul healer implementing the Cosmic Channels of The Divine Mother, the same channels practiced by Mother Mary, Jesus & Buddha.

These cosmic channels are a potent way to help change our lives, make them more meaningful, and empower us at the level of the soul.  They have changed the way I see myself and the way I relate to all life forms. 


Integrating the knowledge of these divine energy channels has been a most fascinating journey, taking me beyond what i thought i knew about energy and about life itself.  I am passionate about sharing the healing tools and energy mechanisms I have learned as a way to assist other souls on their journey. 

It is my sincere Intention that through sharing this information we may each get to know the life force within ourselves as our true guru and guide.  Many Blessings    Namaste



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