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Divine Baby Blessings


     Divine Baby Blessings are given to pregnant women to bless the soul of their child to be a pure crystal divine soul.   This blessing prepares the soul of the child to live its life with the potential to develop the divine abilities s/he received while in the womb.  Mothers have the power to develop the soul of their child while they are pregnant and once they are born.  There are very specific ancient practices that aid in the development of the child’s soul and provide the child with energetic protection from negativity and illusion, making it easier for them to handle some of the challenges facing children today.    These children are bright,  confident,  have a strong willpower and are healthy physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  They are peaceful, loving, happy children who are the way-showers & light bearers of our future.  Their presence blesses their entire family and the planet.

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