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Sai Shakti Healings

As shared by Sri Kaleshwar

   Sai Shakti healings are given to bring cosmic energy to the soul through a few key energy centers of our body.  They are given as a general healing modality or as an assistance to specific conditions.  Sai Shakti healings can be described as Energetic Ayurvedic healings, as a form of energy medicine used to address physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

   During a session, the client is either seated or laying.  The healer’s hands are placed on certain chakras called energy treasure spots while the healer silently chants a mantra (prayer) to activate the flow of the divine channels.  This pulls cosmic energy, the Divine Mother's Shakti, into the healing space and into the client.  Sessions can be done in person or as a distance healing.

   In essence, Sai Shakti healings are soul awakenings, happening on a deep level of our being.  They bring us a feeling of peace & calm, activate soul healing and charge us with divine Love & Light.

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