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Vaastu Consultations


1 hour

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Live life in accordance with the laws of nature & benefit physically, financially, spiritually.

Vaastu Shastra is the ancient science of architecture pre-dating feng shui. It is a Vedic architectural science based on working with the cardinal directions & the laws of nature in order to maximize the auspicious aspects/minimize the effects of the inauspicious aspects in one’s surroundings & dwelling space. Vaastu deals with property & dwelling placement as well as design & construction according to the laws of nature, creating spaces of balance and harmony. Vaastu Shastra sets forth the principles of Creation which has its own natural order & structure to “correct” imbalances in one’s living space. Vaastu has an affect whether one believes it or not. Vaastu influences one’s life in every way and can be the determining factor in a life of wealth, health, success & longevity. Vaastu consultation looks at the existing property & dwelling space to determine the appropriate solutions for “fixing” the spatial arrangement in order to improve one’s reflection from nature and improve the quality of life within ones living area. $108 for first hour $54/per additional hour

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