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Peace Circle


1 hour for 4 weeks

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In the Silence of meditation find the truth of your soul and connect with the peace every soul is longing for. . .


Learn the undeniable Truth of our oneness as a human family


Bring healing within yourself and heal others you care about


Experience the vibration of Peace your soul seeks to know


Feel the infinite Love of the Divine Mother for us, Her children


Embrace the energy of the Divine Mother’s womb, the true power of Creation.


Peace Circles meditations provide the opportunity to find freedom from the

 sense of self/ego and redirect the focus on the growth of our soul. . . 

assisting us in moving out of our drama and into our Dharma!

It is then that our "story" changes and we see life through different eyes, through the eyes of our soul.

Commitment of 4 weeks at a cost of $108.

Currently being held weekly.

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