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Divine Baby Blessing


30 minutes

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The Divine Baby Blessing is an energy transmission a mommy-to-be can receive for her baby’s soul.

The Divine Baby Blessing is a single energy transmission a mommy-to-be can receive for her baby’s soul while it is in her womb. The Divine Baby Blessing is given in one short energy transmission (shaktipat) during any stage of pregnancy by a Sai Shakti healer. This blessing empowers the mother’s Womb Chakra, awakening divine energy within her, and works through her to develop her baby’s soul. After receiving the Divine Baby Blessing she does not need to use any of the other prayers or tools unless she wants to. Any practices she does in addition to receiving this energy transmission will further empower and develop the brilliant light of her baby’s soul. Daddies-to-be and siblings are welcome to join this beautiful process to receive a special family blessing with her! Any prayer a mother does during pregnancy powerfully blesses her child’s soul. This is because of the special soul-to-soul relationship they share through the holy Womb Chakra. As well there are specific Vedic mantras a mother can use during her pregnancy to assist in developing the child’s soul. A mother can pray for what she would like her baby to have during the child's life, and the beautiful, divine qualities she would like them to possess. If she heartfully prays for what she wants for her baby at least 5-9 times right before she delivers, it has an extraordinary effect on the life of the child.

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