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Sai Shakti Healing

Divine Mothers Energy Channels

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Welcome to Sai Shakti Healing

With loving gratitude to the Father & Mother of Creation for the healing power of their Love and to Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, for His positive influence in my life.  May those who receive these healings learn the Truth of their soul & experience the Peace that can only be known when illusion is dissolved.

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This  site  is  dedicated  to  my  Beloved  teacher,  Sri  Kaleshwar,  his  life  and  mission,  and  the  lineage  of  divine  souls  who  have  guided  him  on  his  sacred  path.  It  is  my  honor  &  privilege  to  share  the   divine  knowledge  which  I  have  been  so  blessed  to  receive   as  a  way to  inform  others  as  to  who  we  really  are  and  why  we  are  here  on  this  planet.   Through  reading  divine  knowledge  or  being  in  the silence  of  meditation  we  connect  to  powerful  divine  energies  &  allow  ourselves  to  bathe  in  the  abundance  of  sacred  firelight. 

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Sai Shakti Healing

As shared by Sri Kaleshwar

 Sai Shakti healings are given to bring cosmic energy to the soul through a few key energy centers of our body. They are given as a general healing modality or as an assistance to specific conditions.

Sai Shakti healings can be described as Energetic Ayurvedic healings, as a form of energy medicine used to address physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

During a session, the client is either seated or laying.  The healer’s hands are placed on certain chakras called energy treasure spots while the healer silently chants a mantra (prayer) to activate the flow of the divine channels. This pulls cosmic energy, the Divine Mother's Shakti, into the healing space and into the client.   Sessions can be done in person or as a distance healing

In essence, Sai Shakti healings are soul awakenings, happening on a deep level of our being.

They bring us a feeling of peace & calm, activate soul healing and charge us with divine Love & Light.

Mountains in Clouds

Peace Circles



 In the Silence of meditation find the truth of your soul

and connect with the peace every soul is longing for. . .




Learn the undeniable Truth of our oneness as a human family


Bring healing within yourself and heal others you care about


Experience the vibration of Peace your soul seeks to know


Feel the infinite Love of the Divine Mother for us, Her children


   Embrace the energy of the Divine Mother’s womb, the true power of Creation.


Peace Circles meditations provide the opportunity to find freedom from the

 sense of self/ego and redirect the focus on the growth of our soul. . . 

assisting us in moving out of our drama and into our Dharma!

  It is then that our "story" changes and we see life through different eyes, through the eyes of our soul.



Commitment of 4 weeks at a cost of $108.



Currently being held weekly.

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Divine Baby Blessings

DIVINE BABY BLESSINGS are given to pregnant women to bless the soul of their child to be a pure crystal divine soul.   This blessing prepares the soul of the child to live its life with the potential to develop the divine abilities s/he received while in the womb.  Mothers have the power to develop the soul of their child while they are pregnant and once they are born.
There are very specific ancient practices that aid in the development of the child’s soul and provide the child with energetic protection from negativity and illusion, making it easier for them to handle some of the challenges facing children today.    These children are bright,  confident,  have a strong willpower and are healthy physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  They are peaceful, loving, happy children who are the wayshowers & light bearers of our future. Their presence blesses their entire family and the planet.

Water Healings

WATER HEALINGS are most helpful for those who have experienced trauma or crisis or who have addictions and who would like to wash out stuck energy patterns without having to relive them. Water healings get to the root of the issue and help one experience the renewing power of water by….

*Cleansing past negative feelings & attitudes

   which no longer serve our higher purpose.    

 *Giving a feeling of freedom which comes

   with gentle release of unwanted energy.

 *Clearing chakras of stagnant energy and

   our mind of limiting thought patterns.

 *Strengthening our relationship with the Divine

   Mother, the feminine creative aspect within

   each of us.

 *Connecting more deeply with the River of Life

   within ourselves

Thus, the element of water eases the pressure & allows the energy to flow more smoothly… and provides a safe, sacred  space in which to share concerns and release past energies.

Palm Trees

Available by Appointment Only

Call Vasi at 340-626-3256

or email a message to me at


1-19 Estate Wintberg

Charlotte Amalie USVI  00802


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