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Sai Shakti Healing Session

Sai Shakti Healing balances the chakra system and awakens the soul.

  • 1 h
  • 90 US dollars
  • Sai Aum Creations

Service Description

Sai Shakti Healings are given to bring cosmic energy to the soul through a few key chakras of our body. They are given as a general healing modality or as an assistance to specific physical or emotional conditions. Sai Shakti Healings can be described as energetic Ayurvedic healings, as energy medicine used to heal us & prolong our life. The healer’s hands are placed on what are called our energy treasure spots while a mantra/prayer is chanted silently to activate the flow of the divine channels, pulling cosmic energy into the healing space. The energy treasure spots are specific energy chakras in the body which transmit the Divine Mother’s Shakti, Her Creative Cosmic energy. During the session, the chakras become balanced & our being blessed with divine energy. In essence, Sai Shakti Healings are soul awakenings which happen at the deepest level of our being. They bring us a feeling of peace & calm, activate soul healing and charge us with divine Love & Light.

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